Blue Jalappeno Order Export Community: Feature rich order export tool

Welcome to a live demo of Blue Jalappeno Order Export Community, available from Magento Connect

Documentation of this extension can be found here.


• Export multiple orders with full order information including customer details, payment information and shipping method

• Export your order information directly into your Highrise CRM account

• Upload to your Sage accouting software with our preformatted order export for Sage


Login to the admin page to test the export here. Username: test and password: password111

• Create an order in the front end

• Login to the admin panel and navigate to Sales > Orders

• Select the orders to export and choose 'Export Orders' from the dropdown

• You can alter the format for export under System > Configuration > Blue Jalappeno Order Export

Please take care within the admin panel as this demonstration is intended for public use.


Need more features? Purchase Blue Jalappeno Order Export Premium here.

For any enquiries please feel free to contact

The Blue Jalappeno Team